Staggered Vs. Squared

Staggered Vs. Squared

There is never a doubt that the engineers didn't do something right. But whether or not it works for your driving style is completely different. Especially in the A91 Supra!

In stock form the supra comes with a staggered setup that does very well. When I say well, I mean it could definitely be better. But the car reacts well to bumps, feels a lot more compliant than expected, and does the job the engineers set out to achieve.

Staggered setups for the A90-91 Supra do well for a straight-line sensation. But under certain conditions. The Staggered setup does not give you the confidence you would expect from what most would consider a Sports car setup. Porsche, Mercedes AMG, and many others have used the Staggered setup for years. With great results. As you would expect. Staggered wheels provide more stability in terms of balance. Which the cars are engineered for. But not being able to rotate the wheels because the rear is a different size than the front. Also translates to differential tire percentage wear. Which can be challenging at moments of car setup. Of course, there are other parts that will improve the staggered characteristics or hinder them with the BMW Chassis. Yes, it is a BMW chassis.

Squared setups on the other hand. Can come with some of their own setbacks. Having lesser drag can lead to shifting the balance of the car. Not only that but in the A90-91 Supra you have a car with much more front grip. Leading to a rear end that has more weight on it with less tire. Even the car feels more responsive. This can lead to Tramline when on the road. Proper suspension setup and shock calibration can lead to a very compliant nimbler car. That still will have you fighting corner exit speed at times. But giving you much confidence on turn-in apex speed. This setup also allows you to rotate the wheels (if nondirectional) from side to side and back-to-back. Allowing you to fine tune your tire wear percentage with setup and proper alignment specs.

Overall, our goal here is to setup our customer with the best solutions possible. I believe there is a lot left on the table for the chassis itself. Right now it's about finding the limit of each one of these possibilities. Which is taking time and much more data entry than anticipated. The staggered setup is in my opinion great for the less mileage driver looking for performance and driving characteristics. Those looking to maximize the chassis and overall balance of grip. Going straight to the squared setup is the solution with the right tools!


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