Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings

What's up with the wheel bearings? A lot of people lately are having wheel bearing issues. Michael Baxia, our customer, was one of the first to release a video or talk about it, and then it became a widespread thing where everyone's talking about it. Let's do some math. 

To tackle the physics and be able to use the data you collect, you have to compare it to motorsport standards. And to understand those motorsport standards, you have to understand TÜV ratings. TÜV standards are established by a governing body in Germany, and are a set of safety and reliability standards for all sorts of technologies, not just automobiles. There are a lot of these standards bodies around the world: CSA in Canada, FCC in America, CE in the European Union, just as some prominent examples. But TÜV has become a de facto international standard for technologies of preeminent quality, and one that many companies strive to achieve.

The TÜV standard for wheel bearings for motorsport racing is if your wheel bearing survives 200 hours worth of abuse on the track before it fails, it is considered acceptable as a motorsport bearing. Our bearings have roughly 20,000 miles on them, combined street and track. By the way, we had partnered with KMP for the steering wheel, and later found out they also do many motorsport drivetrain parts. We are talking about partnering with them for the wheel bearings. Anyway, to continue our calculation: we need to convert those miles to hours, since the standard is in hours, not miles. To do this, we first  need to convert our 20,000 miles into metric, because metric is The Way, hands down, as much as we love America.

If we take our 20,000 miles and we convert that into kilometers— which is 20,000 times 1.609— that's 32,186.88 km. Let's call it 32,000 km.

Now we need to convert that to hours. Motorsports Association— the racing association in Europe, which is is vastly looked at worldwide for the standards— has collected track data for many years, and has published that the average speed is roughly 153 km/hour. 

So we take 32,000 km and divide that by 153 km/hour, then we get about 209 hours. 

So is this an acceptable wheel bearing for the Toyota Supra? Yes, it is! As part of our mission to bring bespoke performance to your Supra, Doteki is creating a PDF motorsport interval for your specific Supra. To be released early March 2023.

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