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Doteki Auto Solutions

A90-91 High DF Carbon Splitter

A90-91 High DF Carbon Splitter

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**Doteki Auto Solutions High-Downforce Carbon Front Splitter with Zebulon CAD Design**

 Elevate your driving experience with Doteki Auto Solutions' latest innovation: the High-Downforce Carbon Front Splitter, crafted in collaboration with Zebulon's Aero Dynamic Racing Knowledge. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the OEM front bumper, this splitter sets a new standard in A90-91 Supra Aero!

 **Key Features: **

- Chassis-Mounted Hardware:  A pioneering feature in the market, offering a robust and durable mounting solution that ensures long-term stability.

- 3D Tunnel Design: Tailored specifically for the super chassis, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency and maximizing downforce.

- Titanium Rub Blocks and End Fences: Premium materials provide superior durability and contribute to the splitter's sleek, aggressive look.

- Adjustable Mounting: Unique mounting options include various metric spacers, enabling you to adjust the splitter's height for optimal aerodynamic performance.

- Increased Front Downforce: The precise design and placement of the splitter significantly enhance front downforce, transforming your driving experience. *Data to come*

- Rigidity and Performance: Engineered with strategic hard points, the splitter guarantees exceptional rigidity, offering a noticeably more responsive and stable drive.

 Whether you're a professional racer or an enthusiast seeking the ultimate in performance upgrades, the Doteki Auto Solutions High-Downforce Carbon Front Splitter is your ticket to unparalleled speed and control. Feel the difference in every turn and straightaway – it's you, only faster! How do we know..... We tested in Real world conditions at the 25 Hour of Thunderhill!


**Upgrade Now:** Don't settle for less. Upgrade to Doteki's High-Downforce Carbon Front Splitter and experience the pinnacle of Performance. Your Supra chassis deserves nothing but the best for your pursuit in Race Craft!

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