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A90-91 Supra Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly

A90-91 Supra Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly

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This is the rear wheel bearing from the A90-91 chassis. We purchase these directly from BMW. 

Do not be fooled. These wheel bearings do go bad. With the extra load and added forces coming from your suspension, power upgrades, and tires. It is recommended to check these units every 20k miles even if being tracked. The TUV" rated standard for motorsport bearings is 200 hours. We did our own test and this is what we found.

If we take 20,000 miles (Which our test car has) and convert it to metric units. We get 32,000 Km. We then need to understand that the average speed around a race circuit can be estimated at around 150km/hr. Which was recorded last year for Europe. If you divide the two to get your hourly rate. You end up with 213 hours worth of life. So when we were talking to our Partners over at KMP Drivetrains. We discovered that these wheel bearings are in fact acceptable bearings for motorsport applications. As we not only drove our car on the track. But also on the street. We now know these units will in fact pass this current standard.

Comes with all the hardware and a Torque specification sheet.

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