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DAS Engine Mounts

DAS Engine Mounts

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One of the many upgrades that will have you wondering why you did not choose these sooner!

These were the first true aftermarket mount to hit the market. Machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and UHMW inserts. These mounts will keep things in check when pushing your Supra engine to the limit. Do not be fooled by the solid design. The unit is actually two parts. The upper hat to engine cradle adapter and the Lower Tri-Star to subframe mount. We wanted to isolate the load travel directly through the mount like the factory does. Worried about sheer load. No need as the UHMW upper insert sits far enough in the lower mount of the system. That when torqued properly, disperses the load through the UHMW (Ultra high molecular weight) system and maintains the ability share the load throughout the Tri-Star lower unit. 

Contrary to belief. UHMW is the strongest Polyethylene on the market with outstanding harmonic cancelling within certain HZ ranges. This UHMW we use in most cases will outlast carbon steel 10-1. So, the question is why you haven't bought these units which are considered to be non-serviceable! 

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