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A91 Doteki Auto Gen2 LPFP System (LIVE)

A91 Doteki Auto Gen2 LPFP System (LIVE)

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Our newest edition is by far the best edition of the Parts lineup! Introducing the cutting-edge low-pressure fuel pump system, a groundbreaking collaboration between Doteki Auto Solutions and Deatschwerks! 25 HOUR Endurance TESTED!!!

 Tired of fuel cuts hampering your performance? We've got you covered. Our new low-pressure fuel system, powered by Deatschwerks hardware, takes your ride to the next level. ⚡️🏎️

 While stock fuel systems often hit the dreaded fuel cut at 34L, our advanced solution redefines the game. With our new low-pressure system, you can push your limits further, experiencing uninterrupted power until an impressive 8L. This is under a 1/4 tank. 📈 

Your factory basket with all the original internals holds roughly around 568ML worth of fuel. If you remove the factory basket with nothing in it. Your basket can now hold 1L worth of fuel. Now let's add the newly designed system. We saw a whopping 800ML worth of fuel with two pumps! That is a 38% increase over factory. Adding an additional pump to your factory Venturi's also is a plus. With the factory venturi's only moving around 60LPH of fuel. Adding two DW440 brushless pumps brings the total fuel replenishment of fuel to around 180LPH. This means you have more fuel being returned to the basket as well as capacity. 

Moving the Pressure regulator out of the pump and having a #10AN fuel feed line helps with volume. This also helps keep the fuel system cooler as the pumps do not need to work as hard to supply the volume to the High-Pressure fuel pump and Port systems. The new architecture of the BMW fuel system is very picky about its fuel calculations. So, ensure your tuners understand the new FPCM that these cars utilize. The #6AN return line goes straight into the new fuel hat that allows you to feed the fuel not being used straight back into the basket as well. Once again increasing fuel replenishment from the pickup point of the pump location. The factory FPCM will run the DW440 Brushless pump. The secondary pumps will be running from the supplied controller from Deatschwerks. **WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON A STANDALONE CONTROLLER THAT WILL RUN ALL THE PUMPS OFF THE CAN BUS. THIS IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT STAGES. WHICH MEANS ALL SECONDARY PUMPS WILL NEED TO BE ACTIVATED VIA A THIRD PARY CONTROLLER** 

Think that is not enough fuel!! Add a third pump that is outside of the fuel basket for increased performance. Yes.... That is right, a third pump. 

No more compromise on acceleration or performance. This game-changing fuel system ensures constant fuel delivery, allowing your engine to perform at its peak throughout the entire powerband. 💯🔥

Upgrade your fuel system today and unleash the true potential of your ride. Don't settle for 1k shoehorned fuel systems that feed through the factory 5/16in line with increased stress and heat or Big bulky surge tanks, when you can have the reliability, power, and endurance offered by the Doteki Auto Solutions and Deatschwerks partnership. 🚀🔩

Kit Comes with:

-Billet Fuel Basket

-Billet Fuel Hat

- Complete XRP HS-79 Race Lightweight Hose and Crimped Fittings Backed By XRP!

- Dual Stage Fuel Filter 10Micron w/ internal Blow off Valve.

- Multi Port Fuel Pressure Regulator

- 2 DW 440 brushless pumps

- 1 DW 440 brushless Controller

- All necessary wiring Including Relay.

- All necessary hardware for Install



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