Doteki Auto Solutions ETHOS!

Doteki Auto Solutions is founded on a resolute ethos of
providing cutting-edge motorsport performance design consulting. Our approach
is deeply rooted in harnessing the latest technology and insightful engineering
to create exceptionally prepared track parts. At the heart of our philosophy
lies a commitment to innovation and precision, ensuring every component we
design is not just a part, but a testament to performance excellence. Whether
it's for the track enthusiast or the professional racer, our mission is to
elevate the driving experience by offering components that are both
technologically advanced and supremely effective on the track. With Doteki Auto
Solutions, it's not just about speed – it's about smart, reliable, and
groundbreaking advancements in motorsport performance.

Building your Confidence....


Bundle up some of our best-selling enhancements, and get a professional install,... 

DAS #17 Race footage

  • Drivers Learning No brakes!

    Watching Team Doteki Drivers learn to minimize braking, as we Radio'd to not use brakes and conserve!

  • It takes a Village!

    The leadership and learning experiences of building a wining TEAM!