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DAS Intake Manifold

DAS Intake Manifold

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Our new B58TU Intake manifold was designed for a specific purpose. That purpose was to package a double pass heat exchanger with proper runner design and fitment. Channeling the air properly with the use of a real intake runner to plenum can significantly improve more than just Horsepower. It provides the ability to increase MPG, maintain proper pressure differential, and stability of reversion while ports open and close.

Maintains factory like plumbing for PCV system. Comes with all necessary hardware, fittings, hoses, and thermal barrier gasket. Fits stock intake charge pipe and many aftermarket charge pipes. Low profile fitment will allow aftermarket hood clearance. Plus, the added bonus of our new Nitrous ports and Vacuum block for additional add on's.

The total package! Cooling, Optimized Flow, and Intake Reversion! Because the design was utilized maximizing the optimal input volume to output. The end tanks took up more real-estate than we intended. This led to us having to revise the Oil filter location. Which was a blessing in disguise! (Read Oil Cooler Kit section)

So, this Intake Manifold is required to utilize our new oil cooler kit with new Billet block adapter, that is properly sized and designed for the B58 oiling system. If you purchase the Intake manifold. You will have the option to purchase the B58 oil cooler kit at a discounted price. Optionally we will also be offering our HD-Heat exchanger inline pump upgrade with PWR Cooler which increases the Intercooler coolant flow rate by 120% in Volume! This has netted us over 50ft lbs Delta across the entire RPM range on a BASE tune! 

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