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B58 Gen2 Oil Cooler Kit/ Filter relocation

B58 Gen2 Oil Cooler Kit/ Filter relocation

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This complete B58 Gen2 oil cooler kit is by far the most tested unit. We put this kit through 25 Hours of Thunderhill! 

With space in mind and better filter quality than O.E. we decided to produce a unit that would work with our new Intake manifold and create more Thermal cooling for the Oil side of things. This is important when tracking your car in many ways. 

1. You divorce the water cooling and allow the water to focus it's cooling mass on the engine itself. 

2. The filter is in a much more manageable location to change being right under the drivers rear subframe and also can take a few different types of spin on filters for preference. We recommend K&N HP1004.

3. The oil temperature is optimized for high load conditions. We remove the factory plunger type thermostat and keep the oil orifices through the cooling plate optimized for proper flow. As the factory has a huge port that constantly changes the direction of the oil flow in relation to temperature. Which can cause some pressure deviation when transient throttle occurs. 

4. Our large oil cooler core by PWR keeps the oil temperatures consistent even in the worst heat! The cooler sits front and center under the main bumper beam to extract the coolest of air flow. 

This unit is not meant for the everyday driver around town. It is mainly focused on track oriented use. All the oil cooler lines are XRP HS-79 Hose with Crimp hose ends for the most demanding abuse and longevity.  We did not skip a beat on this Oil cooling unit for the B58 Gen2.   


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